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Tamara Goshay-Bryant (Tam G Bryant) is a Career and Budget Coach with a passion for assisting others with gaining and maintaining control of their financial and occupational lives. With a Bachelor of Science in Social Work, a Master of Human Resources Management, and more ten years of experience as a Career Counselor, Tam G Bryant has a clear understanding of the soft and technical skills needed to become and remain gainfully employed.

A graduate from two universities, she is keenly aware of the debt amassed by students and graduates and the financial impact.  After returning home from school, she faced the same challenges of many college graduates – buried in debt, while unemployed.  Like many, she fell into the trap of acquiring payday loans and credit card debt with no end in sight.

In 2004, Tam G Bryant decided to face her debt head on and begin the journey of debt management to debt elimination.  Having an understanding of the tools necessary to become debt free, Tam G Bryant strengthened her skills as a Career Counselor and began creating marketable Cover Letters and Resumes for job seekers.  In 2011, she launched her resume writing business – Threshing Instrument Resumes and More. Desiring to expand the services offered, she decided to offer all of her services under Tam G Bryant Professional Services, LLC.

The Career & Budget Coach has established life changing relationships with versatile clientele.  With the perfect combination of passion, education and experience Tam G Bryant possesses the skills and tools you need to obtain and maintain control of your financial and occupational life.

Tam is also an avid reader and writer.  In 2013, she self-published her first book – 31 Days of Faith.  Her second project will be complete in 2020.


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